The Week at the Orthopaedic Department

Whenever I had thought about working as a doctor, I never really had a clear idea of what that would involve. I just knew that it was the career I wanted to have. So needless to say on my first day of work experience I was unsure of what my purpose of being there would be. I had only ever read career descriptions which vaguely described the role and responsibilities of doctors, and had never really witnessed one in action before. Truthfully, I was nervous, but an exhilarating type, walking into the hospital and immediately feeling the buzz of nurses and doctors conversating amongst each other. I was keen to absorb the atmosphere of the hospital as a working environment throughout the week, hoping that one day I will be able to experience the inner workings of a department in a hospital, firsthand.

From the couple of days I spent observing the staff in action, I finally understood the reason behind the emphasis of teamwork in every health care job description; the backbone of an effectively functioning hospital is teamwork. The hospital doesn’t and wouldn’t be able to run smoothly with only doctors, it needs other staff who work collaboratively to achieve a common goal. These included:

  • Sisters
  • Health assistants
  • Porters
  • Receptionists
  • Nurses
  • Administrators
  • Secretaries
  • and many more.

The list is endless but all play a major role in ensuring the best possible service is provided to the public of Great Britain.

I had a preconception that working in hospital would be dull and lifeless (no pun intended!).However I was pleasantly surprised, as it was nearing Christmas time everybody was buzzing with excitement, the staff as well as the patients. The department had planned a Christmas party on Friday afternoon. They brought in food and their secret santa presents to give. It was a doctor’s 50th birthday that day, so they brought in a cake to celebrate!

You could read more about my work experience at the Bradford Royal Infirmary  in more detail in the ‘Work Experience’ category.


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