The Interview:

Congratulations if you’ve got through to the interview stage! Take this as a positive indication that on paper you are someone who seems like an interesting character and have the potential to actually study medicine in university!

The decision was conveyed through email and it included a link to a website about medical ethics. We were told to make notes about this since it is going to be a group interview and we would debate about a scenario including the medical ethics it would impose and how we would deal with it.

At the day of the interview I would advise you to look over your application, do understand your notes, and the obvious DRESS SMART!

During the interview, we were given 20 minutes to discuss the situation with each other without the interviewers in the room. When the interviewers returned, we had the debate and were asked questions about ourselves. These questions included what are your hobbies, what do you want out of SOAMS, and what work experience have you got?

At the end of the we were able to ask any questions to the interview panel which consisted of a medical student that partook SOAMS and the heads of SOAMS. I would recommend you to have a few questions to ask.

The results from the interview was given a month later through email and we were invited to an open evening for the outreach programmes of sheffield where we also got to talk to current students of the university.