The launch event was held at the University of Leeds. At the beginning there was a welcome talk done by Ailsa Brown the leader of the Yorkshire and Humber Teach First Futures. Some past participants of this programme also was there to give an insight on how the experience was. The launch event was split up into two parts for the students: the campus tour and a workshop.

Courtyard at Charles Morris

The tour around the campus included one of the student residences, the library and the sports centre. The accommodation was catered (Charles Morris Hall) but it did have a small kitchen. The kitchen and living room were in the same room and the bedrooms had their own en suite which is great but would I be able to afford it as a student? The library looked like it was a part of Hogwarts which is always a great thing, there’s plenty of place to camp there near exam season – some students actually bring a tent with them. The sports centre was what stood out most because it was HUGE and it was full of energy!

The workshop ‘Who Am I’ was set to develop our skills and about putting our what we want out of our life into perspective. We all contributed to what we thought were distractions or obstacles that may get in the way of achieving our goal. We all suggested what we thought was going to help us fulfill our goal such as studying and staying focused.


At the end of the day Ailsa did another talk about the special features of the Teach First Futures programme which included ‘uni frog’, mentors to help to get into OxBridge as well as the easter school at University of Oxford or Cambridge. We were also given a handbook to complete tasks within, a timeline of all the focuses throughout the year and tips for revision, personal statement, and other factors needed to get into university.


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