This visit was split into two workshops and a campus tour.

We had a walk around the campus, we weren’t able to go into much of the buildings. We weren’t shown the accommodation that University of Manchester provides, which was a shame as I would be living there if I were to attend the university. I wanted a look inside the library but the student ambassador wasn’t able to let us in there. The lunch offered at University of Manchester was great – it was halal!


Workshop – What and Where to Study

Personally, I know what to study but I don’t know where. This workshop did help me prioritize what kind of university I want to be at. I don’t mind living away from home but I don’t want to be too far away, around two hour drive away from home is the limit for me. Another important factor for me is the type of campus it is because I strongly prefer a city campus. Also for medicine (and many other courses) it is taught in different ways depending on the university so it is important to check the courses details when choosing an university.

img_1952.jpgWorkshop – Preparing for University Interviews

In this workshop we were given an exercise to talk about a recent development in the field in front of everyone. This was a fantastic exercise and it inspired me to test myself like this with different topics every other month.  This was also a great opportunity to ask questions about the interview and admission process to the person running the workshop – she is part of the interview panel.