Work Experience

Along with having amazing A-level grades most medical schools look for work experience in any caring and health environments. This mainly consists of care homes, hospitals and hospices. They want to be able to see that you know what you are getting yourself into and that you are able to talk and interact with patients more than anything. This is why it is extremely important to get relatable and valuable work experience before you submit your UCAS application.

A great website that was extremely helpful is It showed me what type of workplace would be appreciated by medical schools.


Day 1 – Orthopaedic

I’ve successfully attained a work placement observing the orthopaedic department at Bradford Royal Infirmary. The placement starts from 12th December ending on 16th December. This is my first work experience at a hospital/medicinal work setting so I’m ecstatic. This will be a valuable experience which will contribute into verifying whether or not I want a … Continue reading Day 1 – Orthopaedic

Day 2 – Orthopaedic

This morning I was with the hub nurse registering patients in the main waiting area and then directing them to the right room for their appointment. As well as telling the health care assistants that the patients, for the consultant they are helping, have arrived.  She also took any new patient notes such as x-rays … Continue reading Day 2 – Orthopaedic

Day 3 – Orthopaedic

I was with the porter and in the reception this morning. The receptionists registered patients in and sent them to their room or told them to wait in the main waiting area for the hub nurse to come see them. The receptionists also booked appointments for the patients that need appointments within the eight weeks … Continue reading Day 3 – Orthopaedic

Day 4 – Orthopaedic

I was in the clinic this morning with a consultant and a registrar. The consultant informed and explained many things to me which were: If there are patients that are DNA (did not attend) there are two ways to deal with it. If the patient constantly misses their appointments and are not suffering from a … Continue reading Day 4 – Orthopaedic

Day 5 – Orthopaedic

So today was my last day (well half day) and I spent my last morning in the Orthopaedic department following a consultant around. Early morning was spent in the clinic where the doctor had a trainee doctor helping him. A patient had come in after an injury to her shoulder whilst skiing (I would love … Continue reading Day 5 – Orthopaedic