I was with the porter and in the reception this morning. The receptionists registered patients in and sent them to their room or told them to wait in the main waiting area for the hub nurse to come see them. The receptionists also booked appointments for the patients that need appointments within the eight weeks as well as calling the ambulance transport for any patients to be collected when they are done.

The porter transported any of the patients in wheelchairs or stretchers to the right ward and collected parcels from the offices and transferred them to a place which deals with the posts.

In the afternoon I was in the plaster room again, this time it was busier so I was able to witness a splint and a brace being put on. The splint is in the middle, so it’s removable, with velcro on the sides so it can be tightened back on. The brace consisted of applying plaster to the thigh and the calf then attaching a brace that was set to a certain degree. One end of the brace was fastened onto the thigh plaster cast and the other on the calf cast. This brace allowed control and restriction on the movement of the knee which was very important in this patient’s case as he had got a knee replacement.