I was in the clinic this morning with a consultant and a registrar. The consultant informed and explained many things to me which were:

  • If there are patients that are DNA (did not attend) there are two ways to deal with it. If the patient constantly misses their appointments and are not suffering from a life threatening illness then they will be discharged. On the other hand, if the patient rarely misses their appointment they are given few more chances.
  • If it is a child that has missed their appointed, the incident is classed as WNP (was not presented) as it is their parents responsibility to get their child to the appointment. If the child has missed many of their appointments social workers will get involved and an investigation will pursue.
  • CGG – Central GP Group. This has taken over the old system since GP’s most about the patients so they choose which hospital the patients go to. The general practice group goes to the hospital with a deal and pays a certain amount.
  • Audits must be done when in training. This includes recording how long the patients waited to be seen, how many patients attended, how long the patient had to wait for surgery after being checked in and so on.

Later that morning I was with another consultant who went to Nottingham medical school. After asking about the work-life balance he said that the work hours are unsocial so they are often in the weekends and evenings. Before the work hours would be concentrated on few days of the week so some days you would have really long hours whereas the other days you would have little to none hours of work. However, now the work hours are arranged more regularly throughout the week.

The rest of the day I was in the treatment room. This is where the patients came to have their wounds checked and cleaned. Their dressing would be changed and any queries about their dressing they have was answered here. The nurse had to record what she had done into the patient’s file so that their file would be updated and accurate as possible for future references.