So today was my last day (well half day) and I spent my last morning in the Orthopaedic department following a consultant around. Early morning was spent in the clinic where the doctor had a trainee doctor helping him. A patient had come in after an injury to her shoulder whilst skiing (I would love to go skiing). The trainee doctor checked if the nerves in her arms were working properly by tapping the sides and middle of the hand. Since the patient was able to feel the taps it meant that they were working fine. So after a few other inquiries the patient was directed to the plaster room for treatment.

Later on I followed the doctor to the plaster room to check on a patient that had fallen 10 foot ladder and arrived on a stretcher. The doctor checked the patient and booked a bed for him since it was friday and there isn’t any MRI scans done over the weekend. The patient also had an x-ray done on his lower back and left calf as that was where most of the pain was centered.